Something Real

I am completely crazy… I am the one who will scream and cry into my pillow, and tell them my goals.

My words are my soul and my soul is what you will love;

I am full of secret but can’t tell to any soul.

I have made mistakes and have regrets galore;

I don’t give up easily. I will fight for what I believe in,

I am the one who is willing to fight,

For hidden fears, Hurt pain and tears,

Under the smiles, laugh and giggles I hear.

Need no latest fashion,
No expensive haircuts,
No blinding big accessories.

I glow in my passions,
passionate in my pursuits,
I know what I am made of.

I am not easily bothered,
by the mindless opinions of others;
I know very well where I want to go.

I always think out of the box…

I have an attitude problem, because that’s what people talk!

And my biggest pet peeve is passive aggressive people.

I can make you feel crazy, nuts and completely insane,

And yet I am the one who can help you heal the pain.

At times you will feel head over heels in love with me;

While sometimes you feel that hate you me so much.

I am independent, I am strong, extremely sensitive and I can take the world on my wheels. I believe being vulnerable is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

I will sing and I dance and will live my life carefree.

I am woman and I will live my life just the way I want.

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