SnapShot of Piyush’s Life

Heyyyy! Beautiful people all there…. October is about trees revealing colors they have hidden all year, and People have an October as well.  October for me is like “Rocktober”.  Since few years I am writing blogs on my life, shared experiences and feelings with you, while amidst all this, a very good friend of mine was always giving me feedback on my blogs (let me tell you that my friend used to criticize it and not appreciate it); But to be very Honest I took my friend’s criticism in a very positive way and I tried to improve my writing, I tried to be honest with my readers – that means instead of giving lectures on what people are already having knowledge, I started expressing myself, my feelings. I explored myself more with this. So ‘thank you’ friend for all the criticism and helping me to explore myself more. And I think this transparency started to touch my readers.

I am always ready to accept positive CHANGE in my life (not because someone wants me to change but because I want to change for my betterment)

One of the blood brother (Piyush) got so much inspired by my blogs that he also wanted to start his own blogs, through which he can start sharing his feelings and experiences. But, he asked me to write something about him and to share through my blogs. Ahh! This was a little bit difficult for me to do because I can share my feelings and experiences in my words, which I won’t be able to do in the same way for others. But, I don’t want to miss out on something that could be amazing, just because it could also be difficult.

Here I am, writing about Piyush. So this one is for you Piyush. I hope with this, you will now be able to write and share your feelings directly with everyone without my or anyone else’s help.

Piyush Vijayvargiya, 23 years old boy, who is the person with hemophilia shares his short story with me. Along with hemophilia, he has polio in both of his legs. But this doesn’t stop him. He has completed his Masters in Commerce with Flying colors. So we can say that despite all hiccups, Piyush is a bright student, like everyone he wants to be independent and wants to be a rich man, but with this he also wants some reason to live his life; we can say he wants to identify his passion which can motivate him more in his life. He is little lazy, a bit stubborn kind of person, and becomes somewhat childish at times.

Hmmm. Piyush, I think we all hemophiliacs are somewhat alike, I am also somewhat lazy, stubborn (depends on situation) and very childish at times. My dear ones always ask me to ‘grow up’ when I behave like a child. So don’t worry it happens to everyone I guess.

Piyush does not want anyone’s sympathy. He is always curious to learn new things, he is emotional, and we can say a bit, sensitive person. Piyush is fond of eating Gujarati cuisine, chole bhature, and methi’s (fenugreek) paranthe. Well he is very much fond of watching t.v and his favorite shows are the Big boss and different series, also he is fond of music and he always tunes in MTV channel.

His favorite people are his parents, Salman Khan (Aha! My favorite too), Kapil Sharma (seriously? Kapil Sharma, no wonder he does spontaneous comedy, but Nah I don’t like him), Virat Kohli is his favorite Cricketer.

Aha! Let talk about who is the biggest inspiration for Piyush. Harshal kale (Person with Haemophilia, current chairperson Of Youth group of HFI), is the inspiration for Piyush, as he shares everything Harshal and he will write something about Harshal in his next blog which he will Publish it.

Piyush gets upset with one part of his life, it is because he was not able to give his best in Board exams (12th grade) because of swelling in his hand, but despite that he gave his exams and got through with 63%. Piyush feels independent when he can go anywhere with the help of his wheelchair. For the first time, Piyush came out of his home alone and attended Youth annual meeting which was held in Hyderabad. (Yeah I know, I was the first female with bleeding disorder to attend that meet among 100 boys). He was fostered by Harshal and Mukesh bhaiya to attend that and he attended and learned many things and got confident too.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going”

In future, he wants to explore Australia and Switzerland.

Ahh! I hope you get all your dreams fulfill in your life and I am sure you will be able to do that. Because I believe if God gives some challenges in life than he also gives strength along with them to cope with the challenges. He always gives challenges to those whom he loves the most. So don’t forget Piyush, we are God’s favorite.

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