Here the Journey Continues… Learning process Continues…

Here the journey continues of learning. I was the girl who was not allowed to go anywhere alone. My dad didn’t allow me to go anywhere alone. As I attended all the regional workshops alone in 2013-‘14 to get experience of the working of the women’s group of HFI, after that I was fully confident that now I can go anywhere alone and my parents also were confident after that they can send me alone as now they saw that I can handle things on my own in all the aspects.


So, I went to Philippines to visit Andrea Echavez on 12th July 2015. She is a vWD. She suffers from menorrhagia every month. It was a great trip of 6 days. I learnt communications skill and strategies from. I learnt the ways of dealing with bleeding and work, simultaneously. It was a great experience for me, “pleasure with work”. I lived with her in her house and spent lovely time with her family. I also attended the successful twinning program conducted by Philippines association. It was indeed a great experience for me to learn, enjoy and getting acquainted with various things.



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