Attending World Congress of Hemophilia

This year, i.e., in 2016 for the first time I am going to attend World Congress of Hemophilia going to be held at Orlando in July. As I am the ambassador of, Ms. Cheryl D’Ambrosio gave me the responsibility of the Women with bleeding disorder section at the booth which is going to be set up during the world Congress. My father always encouraged me in my journey in Hemophilia Community. I am an Indian woman who believes in demonstrating to others the importance of equal rights. And my vision is clear to spread the message that “Women can be Bleeders too”: So working as a team leader in the Women’s booth in World Congress will be a great platform for me to step ahead in getting accomplished my goal. 
 I have also been selected for Gnmo training conducted by World Federation of hemophilia. In this training, candidates chosen from different corners of the world are trained to cope up with all the aspects needed in Hemophilia community. Every year Youth and male Pwh are selected to attend this training. This time I will be the first Female Pwh from India to attend GNMO training. This is the wonderful opportunity for me to enhance and nourish my skills and implement them in acquiring my vision of “Women Can Be Bleeders too”. 
  I am very keen for this training, so to cope up with expenses, which I have to bear as a participant, I created a crowd funding page with the help of my friend Iman Rasheed. If I will get success in raising funds through crowd funding, then it will be a great help in lessening the financial burden of my Dad. 

Hope this year brings lots more good surprises and positive things in life… Insha’Allah..!! Amen!!!!

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