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1.What do you think about women empowerment?

2.Why do the women need to be empowered?

3.How do you think the women can be empowered in individual life?

4.How do you think the women can be empowered in the family?

5.Give ideas for various training programs for the economic empowerment of women in underdeveloped countries like India.

6.How much effective is such program [in personal/family/social life]? [mention the specific program now]

7.Following intervention [mention training and other activities of the program] these women are working/doing business outside house [mention what they are doing, how they are doing]. How are they keeping with the family and how do you look at them?

8.Do you observe any changes in behavior or activity in the participants [you can mention few participants if they know] following the intervention?

9.Can such program contribute to overall development of the community?

10.In case they are not satisfied with the intervention then- How can the women be empowered from your viewpoint?